Why Thailand will bounce back after COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic of 2020 has left the world a very different place from that which we used to take for granted back in 2019. Our travel has been curtailed, many of our freedoms have been taken away, and families have been separated. However, with seemingly being good news on the horizon regarding a vaccine, there is now a genuine hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel and next year we can start to see some normality return.

If there is one thing that we have learnt in 2020, it is that expat health insurance in Thailand and indeed other places around the world is essential. Although Thailand has often said that health insurance is compulsory, it has never been effectively enforced, although that has undoubtedly changed now the country has started to re-open its borders. Once tourist flights resume, there is significant optimism that things will get back to normal and the country will bounce back. Here are just a few of the reasons why.

  1. Climate

Thailand has a superb year-round climate, and this makes the Kingdom attractive to those living in colder regions. In many places in central areas, the waters are warm throughout the year are perfect for water sports enthusiasts, and the golf courses are always a great place to relax throughout the year. While several other countries can boast the same climate, very few can offer the complete package that Thailand has to offer in terms of hotels and facilities.

  • Lots to see and do

One of the main reasons why Thailand will bounce back quicker than many other countries in terms of tourism at least is because it has so much to offer. If you enjoy culture, you can visit the ancient capital of Ayutthaya or the temples and palaces of Bangkok. If you prefer sun-kissed beaches, you have the islands in the south of the country and if you enjoy golf – you can go pretty much anywhere! Of course, cities such as Bangkok and Pattaya have a superb nightlife scene, and every nationality and religion will be made to feel welcome.  

  • Inexpensive

Although you couldn’t regard Thailand as cheap any more, it is still inexpensive when compared to other places. With many people around the world hit hard financially, this could be a hook to catch more tourists than before. There appears to have been a recognition that hotel prices do need to be reduced to gain visitors and also some acceptance that dual pricing is not acceptable. Long-term, COVID-19 may prove to be a blessing in disguise for Thailand as the public no longer appear to take tourists for granted.

  • Easy to get to

Regardless of where you are in the world, Thailand is relatively easy to get to in terms of flights. Although flight times are quite long, particularly from the US, there is an abundance of flights offered by all the major airlines and Suvarnabhumi is a modern airport, which is more than capable of coping with these potentially large numbers. It is just another factor that will make Thailand more appealing than some other countries in the region that had previously been viewed as competitors.

  • Infrastructure

Thailand has superb infrastructure, especially in the major cities and tourist hotspots. As it already has the hospitals, the road networks and internet connections, it is ideal for expatriates and tourists alike. The BOI incentives that are offered by the government may also encourage businesses to move to Thailand to cut costs and rebuild. Of course, expat health insurance in Thailand for workers will be essential for workers, but serious companies will undoubtedly recognise this fact and proceed accordingly.

  • Friendly and safe

The country is often referred to as the Land of Smiles, and as soon as you leave the airport, you will quickly understand why. After what has been a miserable year for most, seeing a friendly smile is just the “pick me up” that many will need. The country also has relatively low levels of crime when compared to some others in the region, so it is safe for expats and visitors. It was the case long before anyone had ever heard of COVID-19 and it something which is widely recognised around the world.

  • Adaptability

One quality that all Thais seem to have in their locker is their ability to adapt and deal with change. Cities such as Pattaya and to some extent, Phuket have undergone numerous changes and guises in the past to welcome more visitors and cater to their demands. After the pandemic is over, most accept that this is something that they will need to do again, and this will stand them in good stead for the future. No one knows what Thailand will be like next year and beyond, but what we do know is that whatever changes need to be made, they will be.