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As expats ourselves, we know how challenging it can be to get things that you want or need. When it comes to expat health insurance, having insufficient or worse still, no insurance can not only be costly, but it could be potentially life-threatening. For this reason, we have developed a website that makes finding the right health insurance straightforward. You will be able to compare different levels of cover as well as prices, meaning that you are perfectly positioned to make an informed decision.

Since our inception, we have worked closely with some of the world’s leading insurers, meaning that you get access to the best policies. Of course, we appreciate that insurance needs to be affordable, and that is why we have negotiated to best the rates with insurers, and these savings are passed on to our clients. Our objective is to take away the stress of searching for quotes, presenting you with all the information you need in one place. We are independent with no bias towards any providers, just the genuine promise that we will help you find the best policies at the right price.

Sadly, we know from experience that it is easy to be misled by salespeople who have their interests rather than yours at heart. Getting the right policy is essential with the cost of healthcare rising globally. No longer can you afford to “self insure” or take a chance and hope for the best. The incorrect policy or no cover at all could leave you and your family burdened for years to come – something that no self-respecting expat wants for themselves or their family.

So, if you want the best levels of cover, comprehensive and detailed information contained in the quotes, and at a price that you can afford, then look no further than Expat Health Insurance – Thailand leading health insurance portal for expats.

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